For licensing, please contact publishing@season-of-mist.com

As long as you don’t monetize Heilung’s music or use it for modern political or religious messages, then you can use it for free. Please do credit the group and the song.

Heilungs warrior audition is always open, please write to heilungwarrior@gmail.com and you will receive further instructions on how to audition, good luck!

For photography requests please link us your portfolio (preferably an instagram account) or write us on instagram @amplifiedhistory on facebook/instagram directly.
We are very strict in allowing photographers shooting our performances and there will be requests from our side as well 🙂

Unfortunately we don’t do meet & greets before or after show. But if you run into one of u somewhere, don’t hesitate to say hi!

It would be an honor to have your child joining the ritual. If you have any doubts about age restrictions, we recommend you to contact the venue directly. Age restriction might just be because of alcohol sales. Bringing you child to our performance might not be a problem when accompanied by an adult. Please do make sure you bring hearing protection for the child.

Heilung spent years and years and years developing their pieces and are not fans of their music being, pardon our French, messed around with 😉 So, no official permission will come from the band or their label at this current time.

Thank you for reaching out, Heilung is a VERY big production, but feel free to discuss details with our booking agency: luc@doomstarbookings.com